Huhn Puzzle

Das Puzzle ist auf Deutsch.

The Chicken or the Egg? What was first? 

Have you ever wondered what happens inside an egg? How is the shell built and why do some birds hatch feathered while others are not? You will find answers to these and more questions in this educational puzzle.

The 6 wooden layers will show you how the embryo is built; what the bird's embryo is made of; what the shell consists of; and what the development of a chicken looks like from hatching to an adult. We also include an educational book "From egg to a chicken" with each puzzle, which is packed with interesting facts and additional information.

There are so many solutions!


Easy storage: this puzzle comes with a cover and 2 bands to hold all the pieces in place when it's not being played with. 

Inspired by Montessori learning principles. 

Please note: the text on this puzzle will be in English. The Polish stock photographs are for illustration only, whilst we wait for the English language photographs to be taken!

Dimensions: 28 x 30 cm 
6 layers + wooden frame and cover
The thickness of the puzzle: 5 mm. 
Thickness of the base: 3 mm. Thickness of the cover: 3mm. 
CE tested and sealed with a colourless non-toxic varnish.

Huhn Puzzle

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