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Educational and creative toy based on Montessori and Waldorf principles· Includes earth, outer ring representing the moon cycle, .75” wooden ball representing the moon, and a sun piece· Moon watcher booklet (A guide for everything including the changing moon phases, super moon, micro moon, solar eclipse and lunar eclipse)· Measures 16 x 13 inches· Made of walnut and maple· Eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced wood· Choose option with or without outer ring· Two styles available — painted earth and moon or engraved Earth· Non-toxic inks and a Danish oil finish· Tested and CPSC approved and compliant· May request just engraved moon phase puzzle only
DEVELOPING FINE MOTOR SKILLSThis Moon phase puzzle grows with your child. First, like any other puzzle, it starts aiding with fine motor skills. Put the different moons in their place, work on hand eye coordination and sizes. After that it becomes unique in the way it guides the child through lunar wonder.
LEARNING ABOUT THE MOONYour child's journey will take them through all the different phases of the moon. As they move the moon piece every day, they’ll see it travel around the earth and what it looks like on that day. At this point, your child will see that the moon orbits around the earth and that the orbit is elliptical. Use can use a candle and shadow play to intuitively demonstrate why the moon is the shape it is on any particular night. As your child explores the puzzle more, she/he will learn about: Phases of the moon, elliptical orbits, super moon, micro moon, perigee, apogee, solar eclipse, and lunar eclipse. If you want to aid in this exploration, we’ve included a moon watcher guide that explains all the concepts and how to use the puzzle to demonstrate them.

Moon phases puzzle

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